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Television News Anchor, Podcast Host, Inspirational Speaker, Consultant

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Facebook & Headshot Workshop

Superpower Strategy Session

We work with you to discover, supercharge and monetize your SUPERPOWER into a successful brand! We will work together to hone in on your strengths to maximize your reach to your ideal client, identify key opportunities to set you apart from the pack, and create a strategy that is unique to your strengths! Book a 45-minute strategy session to discuss your brand, business concept, or existing business today.

Megawatt Your Social Media Game

Want to megawatt your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn game? We would love to work with you! Whether you are a newbie and want to get on to social media or experienced and want to learn how to gain more followers, increase your engagement, or get more sales, we offer an array of one-on-one and group services that will get you rockstar results!  Benefit from JoDee’s Masters level education specializing in social media to build a killer brand that people can’t deny. Contact us for programs and pricing.

Wow Them With Words & a Stunning Image

Want to learn how to speak in public like a pro? These offerings are for you! Dynamic public speaking- whether it be online, in person, or on stage in front of a crowd- is NOT easy! Benefit from JoDee’s dozens of years of experience in this field by working with her. If you’re looking to gain the confidence to speak live online, in an interview, in a small group, or on a stage in front of hundreds, JoDee has sage advice that will help you feel more confident, comfortable and successful with public speaking.

Looking to revamp your image? Work with our team to create your signature image, identify your most complimentary colors and put your best face forward. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday look or have a big event coming up that you want to attend and WOW the crowd with, we love working with women who want to look and feel their best! Contact for programs and pricing.

About JoDee Kenney

JoDee is an award-winning journalist, married mom of three active children and understands, first hand, the challenge of balancing goals and responsibilities. JoDee has 25-years of on-camera and behind the scenes television news experience and loves her career and the responsibilities that come along with it. In 2018 she graduated with a Master’s Degree specializing in social media as a way to sharpen her skills and increase her value to her employer, the public, and her clients. Her prior experience in pageant winning, coaching winning contestants and managing a pageant uniquely position her as a woman who understands the importance of public speaking, the ability to stand out from the crowd, and putting your best foot forward. JoDee combines all these skills when working with her clients. She helps clients work through pain points, mindset and physical challenges to help them embrace their SUPERPOWER! 


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We offer one-on-one client support, a variety of small group workshops and are available to work with corporate organizations. Programs are flexible to respond to your individual needs.

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