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Podcast #47: Can Your Side Hustle be a Full-time Hustle

Podcast #47: Can Your Side Hustle be a Full-time Hustle

Do you want to turn your side hustle into a full-time career? You are going to want to listen to the advice Taylor K. Shaw shares in this week’s podcast.

Tune in for tips:

Taylor offers three practical tips to help you decide if your side hustle is really a viable full-time career option. The Founder and CEO of Black Women Animate also shares her experience of turning her passion into profit.


Taylor talks about some of the considerations you should weigh before jumping into becoming a full-time entrepreneur. There are considerations such as health insurance and having enough money to pay your bills. She also discusses the importance of knowing how to pitch why your business is important.


There are a lot of sacrifices an entrepreneur must make in order for their business to thrive. We learned about some of these challenges in Episode 43 with Romira Young of Melanin Globe. Taylor discusses some of those same sacrifices. Long hours, finding the right team and balancing family and work life are just some challenges. However, Taylor also notes they can be worth it. Taylor also points out that you will be more successful if you know niche down to offer a service or product that you know people want to consume.


Do you know your worth? Taylor and I talk about the challenge many women with a side hustle have- that is charging what they are worth. She also offers some practical advice on how to handle that challenge. I loved how she talked about stating your worth and just letting it sit in the air. Silence can be a powerful tool to own your worth. Taylor gave me a great deal to think about when she said that. I know you will feel the same way too.

If you’re truly considering turning your side hustle into a full-time career take some time to listen to what Taylor has to say.

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