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Podcast #37: On-air Coaching- Megawatt Your Facebook w/ Miranda VonFricken

Podcast #37: On-air Coaching- Megawatt Your Facebook w/ Miranda VonFricken

Today I am pulling back the curtain on what happens when I work with a client in a one-on-one consultation! Facebook is the largest social media site in the world and we can take some concrete steps to maximize our use of the site for our businesses and brands.

This was the first time I coached my Biz Bestie Miranda VonFricken on her use of Facebook. She’s a pro on LinkedIn and I found some great ways she can use some of her strengths on that social site- on Facebook. I also found some great opportunities she may not have thought to take advantage of and she’s seeing success by implementing them!

Please give Miranda’s Facebook page a “Like” and show your support for this amazing mastermind and help her grow her reach.

If you want to learn how to work with me CLICK HERE.

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