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Podcast #29: Learn How to NEVER Take No for an Answer w/ Tara Cavosie

Podcast #29: Learn How to NEVER Take No for an Answer w/ Tara Cavosie

I was blown away by Tara’s drive and determination to solve her problems, realize they may be a problem for other women and then create a solution that has turned into a money generating business!

Hear how two weddings led her to create two types of intimate apparel that are now helping thousands and thousands of women around the world!


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  1. Ok….loved listening to it! Love her determination and can do attitude! The interview flowed naturally like two friends chatting. Well done, Jodee! Unfortunately, when the popular media portrays success, it glams it up showing only the victory lap, never the sweat, blood and tears. Those are only for history books and biographies! This can be misleading to young minds.

    1. I agree! That’s why we need to tell the behind the scenes and talk about success because usually we only see the tip of the iceberg (the success). As you know- there are many years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears that come along with any story! I’m so honored to have this platform to show our younger generation- that it’s work!!

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